Different Types of Lawyer and Their Functions


A lawyer is a professional person qualifies as by law degree or bar exam to practice law that is they are authorized to conduct lawsuits or give a legal advice. Lawyers are also known as advocates, attorney and counselor depending on the work they perform. Lawyers are mostly found in courts to defend the defendant or claim for the plaintiff. A defendant is a person presented to the court as having committed an offence while the plaintiff is a person who has been wronged. The court through the lawyers tries to remove any burden of proof in the case to prove innocence of the defendant or win the case that is prove that the plaintiff was wronged hence bringing justice.

Lawyers are given different names depending on the type of work they perform. For example an attorney is a lawyer for a nation. He or she represents a nation in cases affecting it. He or she is also involved in law making where he signs a bill to become a law. Lawyers are also known as advocates. An advocate is a person whose job is to speak for someone’s case in a court of law that is they argue or encourage support for something. Examples are the Utah advocates who represent accident cases. They have their union known as car accident lawyer salt lake city to defend or represent a case involving a car that has been involved in an accident in a city.

Lawyers act as independent contractors that is they can be hired by anyone to represent their case in the court or defend them depending on the case at the court’s hand. Examples of this lawyers include those who take part in cases such murder and theft. They are hired once until that case is closed. They are form of lawyers who don’t act independently that is they are fully employed. Examples include company lawyers. They perform the function of defending the company in court in matters affecting them. They do not engage in any other function apart from that of the company.

Lawyers differ in types of cases they represent. There are divided into minor and major depending on the cases they tackle. Examples of minor lawyers are those who represent cases such as minor theft while major are those who represent cases such as murder of a prominent leader or terrorism. Lawyers are important in a nation as they help solve cases since they investigate on the matter hence bringing justice to the plaintiff or proving innocence to the defendant. They bring about equality where one is not sentenced for what he or she has not done and one is compensated for loss incurred. Learn more on this website about lawyers: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Lawyer.


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